Connecting Traders & Whales for Spiking

Using smart contracts on the blockchain, the Spiking Platform allows users to mirror the trading activities of whales in the cryptocurrency market. Users can also control their own trading account individually. At the juncture of their business, Spiking needed access to young and aspiring traders to bring them to the next level - this was where Grounded came in.


Events Management



The Execution

As the key challenge for the business was user adoption, it was important for them to identify quality traders to work with, in order to amplify their platform. To help them accurately identify the right key opinion leaders to work with. The concept of Crypto Bacon Club was hence crafted as a crypto-influencer marketing platform, driven by a community of influencers, investors and enthusiasts. These influencers, in turn, help to amplify the share of voice for ICOs through authentic content tailored to their unique DNA.

Community engagement was driven through different formats of community events, Whisky Soiree, Cryptotalks and EXCAVO Trading Workshops, with TradingView's #1 trader, Mr Excavo (Eugene Loza) himself, to help more people adopt and understand Cryptocurrency.

The Result

Over 50 articles were created, driving organic reach. As a result, partnering ICOs saw highly successful results and longevity in the projects.