Changing the Retail Game for MegaX

Driven by their movement centered around creating a fresh retail network, they wanted to create a blockchain solution that would fix inherent problems in an archaic industry.


Project Build
Events Management



The Execution

With an implementation of crypto pricing and payment, this clearly signaled a new growth and investment strategy for retail company and drove a new vision for the retail industry targeting the exponentially-growing and constantly-shifting millennial generation.

Use case was activated with coin listing on MegaXstore. Some challenges faced was the volatile currency and large price movements in this strategy, vendors will need to ensure that their products are being sold a valuation that made sales profitable.

Hence, further work was done in developing go-to marketing strategies to speak to the target audience. We sought to drive a sense of community through the Crypto Fight Club (social voting) and events like Cryptotalks.

This had the effect of creating spaces where the community can engage and raise their understanding of Cryptocurrency.

The Result

We’ve brought the brand through its very initial conceptualisation phase to development and finally pre-sale, three crucial milestones on its roadmap.