Breaking Through the Voices of Protocols for Blaze

With the first of its kind block-lattice protocol, Blaze had something unique to offer to the industry. However, key challenges will be that it is complex to explain which makes it harder to break through the noise amongst other protocol projects. Hence, Blaze needed our work on a full suite of services taking them from build and branding to marketing and finally, investor relations.


Project Build
Marketing & PR
Investor Relations



The Execution

We quickly came in to product advice on the project build process. Understanding its three key advantages, we recognised it was important to bring tech speak to layman terms that target audiences could understand.

Our brand consulting services enabled them to translate the unique selling points of the proprietary technology to be effectively communicated in marketing and PR efforts.

Another crucial work to be done was to ensure the project gets introduced to the people who can bring it further. As an extension of our Investor Relations services, we crafted the concept of Chapter II, an investor networking night and more 1-1 investor meetings that allowed the team to pitch on different levels to potential investors.

The Result

We’ve brought the brand through its very initial conceptualisation phase to development and finally pre-sale, three crucial milestones on its roadmap.