Yinmin Lai

Yinmin Lai

Powered by caffeine, Yinmin enjoys connecting with people and building meaningful relationships that make a difference.

"Do the smallest thing in your hand, like it’s the biggest thing on your heart." — Yinmin



Number of Projects Completed (& Counting):

Your skill set is defined by the first set of projects that you bring to life. So why not make them as meaningful as possible?

At Grounded, we are committed to training a pool of skilled and motiviated individuals in their skill set of choice with a match to their current schedule. Interns and directors in the team get a chance to lead their own projects. It could be an event. Or a content piece. Or a new business model. It could be you. With us, your skill sets ground you; our training brings you to the sky.

Apply to be part of the team by submitting your resume and portfolio to hr@grounded.work.