Lisa JY Tan

Lisa JY Tan

A deconstructor of economics, cryptoassets and cryptosystems, Lisa pours her passion into bridging the gap between traditional economics and the blockchain world.

"Life itself is a journey after all, and what matters most is not what you are getting, be who you are becoming." — Lisa


Economics Design

Economics Design

Tokenomics Research & Soluions

Designing, educating and showcasing the true capabilities of solid underlying economic and incentivisation models to build scalable and sustainable token economy and networks.


Number of Projects Completed (& Counting):

Your skill set is defined by the first set of projects that you bring to life. So why not make them as meaningful as possible?

At Grounded, we are committed to training a pool of skilled and motiviated individuals in their skill set of choice with a match to their current schedule. Interns and directors in the team get a chance to lead their own projects. It could be an event. Or a content piece. Or a new business model. It could be you. With us, your skill sets ground you; our training brings you to the sky.

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