Patricea Chow

Patricea Chow

A seasoned copywriting and editing professional, Patricea empowers brands with impactful and compelling copy to grow their online presence and engagement in new and emerging markets.

"Breathe. Live. Love." — Cea


Hatha Yoga, Livestream

Hatha Yoga, Livestream

Yoga Postures and Breathing Exercises

This is a multi-level class that's suitable for everyone, including newbies & beginners. We will focus more on alignment, breathing with each move, and moving with awareness. Although there aren't any arm balances or inversions, you will be challenged with overall body balance.

Every Friday, 12.30pm to 1.30pm online. Register here for access to classes, and join our Facebook for daily free 15 minute workouts and tips.

Freelance Copywriter

Freelance Copywriter

Empowering Brands for 25 Years

With exhaustive experience of working for brands in diverse industries in Singapore/Indonesia markets, I have developed an elaborate understanding of different industry trends prevailing locally. As a people person, I have fostered trusted client relationships and cultivated high-performing teams to achieve measurable business results for companies.

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Your skill set is defined by the first set of projects that you bring to life. So why not make them as meaningful as possible?

At Grounded, we are committed to training a pool of skilled and motiviated individuals in their skill set of choice with a match to their current schedule. Interns and directors in the team get a chance to lead their own projects. It could be an event. Or a content piece. Or a new business model. It could be you. With us, your skill sets ground you; our training brings you to the sky.

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